We enable creative freedom by leveraging state of the art technology. Our years of experience flying a wide variety of challenging projects allows us to provide unparalleled reliability and content at an accessible price point. Contact us today to see how we can meet your production’s needs.

We use a variety of quadcopters designed around the GoPro HERO 4. These multirotors are tuned for specific applications such as indoor flying, high speed tracking, and more complex sequences. The versatility of these setups allows for incredible creative freedom.
This is the DJI S900 hexacopter, tuned by us to ensure exceptional performance. The S900 is our medium lift aircraft designed around the Panasonic GH4, a 4k capable camera that redefined the MFT format.
We use the revolutionary MoVi M5 and M10 to provide the highest quality stabilization possible on this custom built X8 Octocopter. This setup enables an unparalleled level of flexibility when it comes to cameras and lens choice.

"The definition of professional truly depicts the team from FlyBy.  In a time when the market is flooded with "professional drone pilots", Tom and Lindsay show that it's not just equipment that produces a quality product, it is talent and experience to effectively use that equipment that makes a true pro. Their talent coupled with their ability to listen to the clients needs means they can interpret and execute a plan to not only shoot but edit and deliver a product that is nothing short of amazing.  We have and we will fly with them again."

Clay Connor
Clay ConnorMarketing Director - Xpress Boats | Veranda Boats

"Tom and the team at FlyBy Aerial Productions are true masters of their profession. An amazing Team to work with, not only does FlyBy have the tools for the job but they also have the vision to showcase the true beauty of your site. I highly recommend them."

Tom Deignan
Tom DeignanAdam Scott's Mi Golf Club

"Tom and Lindsay are the consummate professionals. Not only do they produce an exceptional product, they are efficient, timely and a pleasure to deal with. I could not recommend the FlyBy team more highly and I certainly look forward to working with them on future projects."

Elizabeth Sattler
Elizabeth SattlerGreat Golf Courses of Australia | Sattler PR

"FlyBy Aerial Productions literally took our storytelling capabilities to new heights, capturing Project HOME's expansive presence in Philadelphia in a truly breathtaking way, producing a novel, stunning perspective of our work appropriate to our 25th anniversary celebration. Tom and Lindsay were a pleasure to work with, especially given the complications of aerial videography in a dense urban environment. A year later, supporters are still buzzing about the piece, and we now happily use the video to introduce ourselves to those unfamiliar with our work."

Michael Gainer
Michael GainerProject HOME

"Binswanger is an international real estate organization providing a complete range of services to clients through offices around the world.  Over 40% of our business deals with assets that are located in tiny markets from Rocky Mount, NC to Appleton, WI to even Hamamatsu, Japan.  One of our biggest challenges is finding a vendor who can provide services not only in their immediate area, but also outside of their region.  Additionally, each building we market varies by size, use, etc. and Fly-By has been able to support our needs across the US offering a superior product at a reasonable cost."

Laurie Goldstein
Laurie GoldsteinBinswanger
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